Charitable Giving Tips For Year-End

It’s hard to believe, but the countdown is on to make your year-end charitable gifts. Due to deadlines imposed by various custodians and brokerage firms, it’s important to make decisions quickly and to implement them as soon as possible.

National Philanthropy Day

Working toward a greater good is what we strive for at Waller Financial. Philanthropy day is about celebrating the contributions of those who have made a difference in our lives and our communities. We are continuously inspired by so many of our clients who choose to positively impact the lives of those around them.

Philanthropy And The QBID

Chris Olsgard talks about the qualified business income deduction and how to use a deduction of up to 20% on qualified business income for pass-through entities.

Creative Giving: More Ways To Donate

There are more ways to donate to charity than just writing a check. Jason Farris offers a few tax-efficient options on how to donate to your charity.