The impact philanthropy has on people


In my opinion, one of the greatest qualities of our collective client base at Waller Financial Planning Group is the generosity we see day in and day out. More often than not, when one of our clients has the means to give, they make it a priority to do so. This willingness to selflessly give of either one’s time or one’s treasure has inspired not only me, but each of our staff members to do more in the community.


Ordinarily, the articles you read from our partners are geared toward client education or enlightenment.  While I believe this article will still accomplish both, it was written more as a tribute to those who have taught me the power of philanthropy. Years of education have sharpened my technical knowledge on HOW best to incorporate philanthropy into a financial plan. But the true education on WHY to incorporate philanthropy has been garnered through various remarkable client experiences. To this end, I would like to share our experience with an organization my wife and I have been involved with for the past few years, and whom Waller Financial continues to support at its annual fundraising event, more commonly referred to as the Merry Go Round Gala.


The Childhood League is an organization of volunteers who share the common goal of raising capital and awareness for The Childhood League Center. The Center, as it is less formally known, supports children with developmental challenges from birth through age 6, with a strong emphasis on early intervention. One statistic that really resonates with me is that 45% of all infants and toddlers who are diagnosed with special needs and successfully pass through the program, no longer need any additional support by their third birthday. Furthermore, they have found that $1 spent today on early intervention can reduce future education spending by up to $17. For a man who preaches the power of compounding interest, I cannot ignore this incredible return on investment.


I truly believe greater awareness in this area WILL improve many more lives than have already benefited from the great help this organization provides. After all, it has already been proven! Our firm was happy to provide financial support for the video that can be seen here.


For those who may have worked with our founder, Larry Waller, you are likely aware of his philanthropic efforts. Larry truly believes those who give and support their community are happier. This is a truth he has helped countless employees realize and even more clients to achieve. The partners in our firm have committed to continuing this legacy, and I am proud to say it has become more than just a market niche for our staff, family and friends.


Philanthropy has led to deeper relationships between the members of our staff, as well as with the clients we serve. Our roots continue to strengthen the communities in which we live and work. We utilize our client appreciation event each year as an opportunity to recognize those who strive to give more. We endeavor to further build our company around the core tenets that have made our small company great.


We believe in the power of philanthropy and are humbled to work with so many people who recognize its beauty, too. Whatever your organization or charity of choice is, Waller Financial can help you leverage your generosity in the most effective manner possible. Please contact one of our six Certified Financial Planners if you are interested in learning more.


For more information about the Childhood League, or ways you can help, please visit their website.