Recently, I was finishing up a client appointment and had to head out for a nonprofit board meeting. I felt torn; I did not want to leave the client appointment, but I also did not want to miss the board meeting. I very much enjoy both aspects of service. On my drive to the board meeting, it dawned on me: Why not build a program that combines both – serve those who need, alongside those we serve. And that’s the idea behind Make a Difference day at Waller Financial, which we hold every quarter.


The word “philanthropy” comes from the Greeks, and at its core, simply means love of humanity. What I have come to believe is that all of us can be philanthropic. To me, philanthropy means using my resources to help make a difference in my community. It’s looking outward, not inward. It’s about giving back and paying it forward. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


We are blessed to work with many philanthropic people who have inspired us by the work they do to help others. The impact people have made in this community is astounding. I have felt the excitement and joy people get out of helping others; It’s contagious. So, I designed a program that brings people together where they can share and multiply this happiness while helping our community.


Today, our firm, as well as some of our clients, are volunteering at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio. We will be creating homemade snacks for Valentine’s Day as a fun way to provide a taste of home for families at the Ronald McDonald House. Make a Difference Days are about working to make this community a better place to call home.