Vacations Homes: Renting vs Buying

Charlie answers a few questions you should consider: Do you enjoy traveling every year? Will you borrow or pay cash? And if you do borrow, will you need to rent the property to help repay the debt? These questions will help you further your decision on purchasing a vacation home. 



what to know about real estate property taxes

Determining your property taxes may seem as simple as multiplying the value of your property by the millage rate, however, it is far from being that easy. Chris Olsgard explains why this is an important topic you should understand.




rent ro buy house? Consider capital gains


Are you thinking about using your current home as a rental property once you move? Chris Olsgard goes over a few rules and tips to consider before making the transition.




should you recast your mortgage?


Chris Olsgard, CFP® explains why a mortgage recast could lower your monthly payments.





What is a Reverse Mortgage?


How much do you know about a reverse mortgage? Charlie Kerwood answers common questions, and what to consider before making a decision: