I think it’s safe to say that we are all currently trying to figure out how to survive a pandemic. We are surrounded by news that is filled with uncertainty. Should we be wearing masks in public? When will test kits be available? Who, what, when and how are all questions that cannot be answered right now.


Why wouldn’t we be extremely scared and cautious?  It is truly justifiable.


We certainly are not medical professionals. This is not our expertise, and we wouldn’t imply that we know all the answers.


We are living in an uncomfortable time surrounded by uncertainty; however, this is not the first time markets have been disrupted by a crisis: oil crisis, a housing crisis, a tech bubble, 9/11 and wars. But, no matter what the event turns out to be, it is uncomfortable seeing the markets take drastic swings. During these times, it is important that we remain calm, and not let emotion cloud our judgment.


Waller Financial prides itself on helping our clients develop long-term portfolios that can weather any storm. Every client has been through the tedious process of gathering information about income, expenses and goals. We know the process of gathering all this information is not enjoyable. But, there is a purpose to all of this; It helps us determine time frames of when you will spend money. Whether it’s a home improvement, car purchase, big vacation or any other expenditure, these are built into the plan. If these expenditures are anticipated in the next 1-5 years, none of these funds are invested in the market. This is why these topics are discussed during each review meeting. We are looking out for your best interest and recognize the important role we play in your life.


Waller Financial has been in business for over 40 years.  We intend to be here for many more years to help advise our clients reach their personal goals and objectives, in both good times and bad.


The bottom line is that we will get through this turbulent time. We are tough, we are innovative, and we have your financial plan mapped out. The important thing now is to stay healthy and safe, and follow the advice of our health care professionals and political leaders.