October is Financial Planning month. As advisors, we believe financial planning is essential for everyone. Over the last few years, we have written some great articles to help you get started.




why should I work with a Certified financial planner?

When working with a financial advisor, it is critical they have the Certified Financial Planner™ designation. Charlie Kerwood gives 4 reasons why the CFP® designation has become the gold standard in financial planning. http://bit.ly/WorkingwithCFP





Financial planning designations

Have you noticed all those letters behind your advisor’s name? Knowing what the designations mean can help you better understand your advisor’s educational background and skill sets. Charlie Kerwood goes over some of the common designations you may see. http://bit.ly/FinancialDesignations



value of money and living your life.

We often hear about Return on Investments, but what about return on LIFE? Jason discusses how money and freedom work together. When will you have the freedom to be financially independent? Are you depriving today’s happiness for future retirement happiness? These questions answer the ultimate role of ROI, which is to produce a higher return on life. http://bit.ly/1MEyEZx



Why you need a trusted advisor


Being your trusted advisor is the highest compliment we can receive. Jason Eliason writes about our process of earning trust and credibility.  http://bit.ly/TrustedAdvisors





what questions to ask when hiring an advisor

For many of us, interviewing and hiring someone is not a common occurrence and it can be overwhelming. Finding the right financial advisor for your specific needs may require interviewing several people. Before you get started Jason Farris outlines 5 important questions you should ask BEFORE meeting with an advisor.