what you need to know about Power of attorney


Do you know the difference between Limited and General Power of Attorney? Charlie Kerwood discusses a few facts on why POAs are so important: http://bit.ly/POAfacts




Estate Planning For Blended Families


Second marriages are fairly common but present unique challenges as it relates to planning. http://bit.ly/f4h6kf7





A CLT provides income to a charity for a specified number of years, with the remaining assets given back to the donor or the donor’s heirs. Charlie provides information on how this option may work for you. http://bit.ly/1LitrBl




Why it's important to have an estate plan

Do you know who will make the financial decisions for you in the event of death if your estate plan is not complete? Charlie Kerwood discusses why you must plan ahead, and complete your estate plan. Don’t wait for the unthinkable to happen before it is too late. http://bit.ly/1RiebMO



Couple holding hands

Joint with Rights of Survivorship is a very simple way to avoid probate and create continuity upon the death of an owner. These advantages are generally what appeals to many people; however, there can also be reasons why this type of ownership would not be appropriate. Here I discuss 3 reasons when joint ownership is not a right fit.



This trust is designed to minimize the amount of taxes paid, predominantly estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes. It also protects successive generations from the normal occurrences of everyday life such as divorce, bankruptcy and the occasional lawsuit