The Cleveland Cavaliers finished a remarkable season this week. Unfortunately, the season did not end with LeBron James hoisting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy…so the drought continues.


Born in Northeastern Ohio, I’ve been a Cleveland sports fan my entire life. Not once during my life have I celebrated a championship for Cleveland. The last championship was December 27, 1964 when the Cleveland Browns won the National Football League championship with a crowd of 79,544 in the Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Since then, 144 pro seasons (counting American Football League/National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball) have passed, none resulting with Cleveland finishing at the top.


The 2014-2015 Cleveland Cavaliers had an extraordinary season filled with excitement. The playoff run was exciting to watch as their style of play epitomized the city they represented – hardworking, tough and passionate. But another year without a title still stings my heart. While I could lament about the heartache over the years – “Red Right 88,” “The Drive,” “The Fumble,” “The Shot,” “Edgar Rentería” – but not today. Instead of dissecting the saddest moments in Cleveland sports, I need a different outlet. I am not going to relive the various misfortunes. In its place, I am going to look back at the last 50 years of interesting facts in the world of finance.


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Financial changes since Clevelands last title



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